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Wardrobe Sneak Peek – Moi

July 8, 2012

I admit I often get a tinge of wardrobe envy when I’m privy to a friend’s closest. Perhaps its a case of ‘the grass is always greener’ because whenever I peruse someone else’s wardrobe their clothes inevitably seem much more exciting than my own. The accompanying commentary – ‘Omg where did you get this?…This is gorgeous….Really?…Do you think it’ll fit me?’ – if I’m lucky, leads to me borrowing their clothes. Where else but from a friend’s wardrobe can you get a new look for a night out – without having to spend a thing?  Yes, delving into other people’s wardrobes is always a delight. Now with the blog and the shop, I have more of an excuse to see what gems are hiding away on hangers, and there’s no better wardrobe to start with than my own.

Best secondhand purchase? I found this handbag in a vintage store in Portobello Road London, £20…bargain!

Best borrow? My mum lent me her killer heels one night making these shoes my best borrow yet.

Selling anything? Almost my entire wardrobe!

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