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Albany Outlets? yes, there are some

July 11, 2012

A small ad in the local North Shore Times grabbed my attention last Friday. It spelt out something to the effect of: ‘Designer Outlet Dress Sale: $5, $10, $20’.

What an enticingly titled sale! I ripped out the page and penned a Saturday morning shopping expedition into  my diary.

My sister and I set out armed with the ad, but were easily lured by the signposts of other outlet shops that dotted the Albany industrial area. I had no idea there were so many!

Venturing into these small warehouse outlets proved to be a little disappointing until we stumbled across the Dalton Apparel outlet shop. I picked up a black blouse and a pink singlet for $15. I hadn’t heard of  the Revue brand before, but the tops look pretty good – especially when teamed with my Review jacket. Ta-da!

Looping the streets of Albany also brought us to the BDM Grange factory shop which rather timely, was having a clearance sale of Clarins. I left with a large bounty for a small price (and the sale should still be on!…)

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