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Wardrobe Sneak Peek – Andrea

July 17, 2012

Welcome to Andrea’s wardrobe!

After my own, the next wardrobe I have most access to belongs to my sister – Andrea – and happily she lives just down the hall. As she and I are both students again this year, for better economy we have adopted a sort of ‘Open Wardrobe Policy.’ It tends to works very well. I lend her my running shoes (which stand no chance of getting a work-out from me!) and she’s loans me the jackets she’s still undecided on…harmony presides.

The current status quo of sisterly-sharing bliss has not always been the case, but that’s a story for another blog.

A word from Andrea

Best secondhand purchase? I’m not a big secondhand shopper, but the idea is growing on me. I do like the odd hand-me-down from my sister, especially when its a Reiss skirt. (See left)

Best borrow? This purple Top Shop dress borrowed (permanently) from Gillian has served me well in my travels. Its one of those ‘can’t go wrong’ dresses that is forgiving in all the right places.

Selling anything? Its great to have an outlet through which I can sell my clothes. These shoes above cost $120 and I’ve worn them once. They are sadly to narrow for my feet, but will be perfect for someone else!

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