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Hello Friday!

July 20, 2012

Wasn’t it a beautiful morning today?

The spindly trees down by Victoria  Park looked so striking – stark, and set against the near Twilight toned sky; I couldn’t resist snapping a picture while I waited for the lights to change. Auckland on a nice day is simply dandy!

After playing a tourist for twenty minutes or so, I embarked on a busy morning and now have lots of exciting new opportunities to map out.

Business intentions led me the designer second hand store, ‘Emporio U’ but once there my shopping instincts took over.  I tried on a  Peter Alexander dress (on the left) and was nearly sold by it until I spotted the Love Lita dress (on the right). It fitted so nicely and I liked the black and gold print, but I wasn’t sure.

When the woman behind the counter asked me to twirl in it however, I knew it was mine! Much to her delight I twirled in the dress a few times and the dress rose and spread into a glorious circularly flare. Such a shame people don’t go dancing like they used to, so ‘You must twirl in it over the weekend!’ she said; and I might just do that. ♥

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