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Silverdale Outlets

July 22, 2012

Missing a turn out of Albany the other weekend set my sister and I on the open road to Silverdale. With the sun shining and the sky bright blue, traversing the Albany hills and heading out into the country seemed like just the thing to do!

Our little journey had all the makings of a good road trip – nice weather, a pit-stop at a public loo and obligatory roadside photos. And, as I’d never been to Silverdale, the mystique of the outlet shops there had me rather excited!

My sister found joy at the Bendon outlet shop, and also in a new pair of Levis reduced by $50. I was tempted in one store by colourful hair clips with floral appendages made from leather, but didn’t buy anything.

Down a side street I spotted a store that had the words ‘BLOOMINGDALE’S STOCK’ written across its window – my heart skipped a beat.

Flashbacks of 5th Avenue compelled me to hurry to the little store, which was aptly occupied by an American shopper. Not being in the market for prom-style ball dresses or winter coats (though I should be!) I left empty handed and a little nostalgic for New York.

Nevertheless, I’ve decided I quite like Silverdale. It’s an interesting little place and well worth the drive up there on a sunny day – (not today!) ♥

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