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Something repurposed…

July 26, 2012

Whatever malfunctioning attire I have in my wardrobe I designate to one sad and sorry drawer in the lower realms of the cupboard.  The unfortunate belts, bags, dresses and tops that end up here have all met some catastrophic end. The drawer tells of burns from hot irons, hair-dye stains, colour-runs from the wash and, most unusual of all, is the bizarre but true tale of a hotel dishwasher catching hold of a Wayne Cooper maxi dress and ripping the delicate fabric  right down the middle!

Although damaged beyond repair, I’ve found myself reluctant to throw these items away. Each has some redeeming feature that continually saves it from the bin; a bold print, a surprising texture, a striking zip, clasp or button…and – so poignant can a simple pattern be – I shall probably never throw any away!

The sad drawer, and its sorry garments have long been the subject of many imagined sewing projects. Now these wayward threads of thought are ready to materialize as I’ve decided to re-work them all into recycled pillows!

My friend Sacha makes all sorts of crafty things and, considering her to be the best seamstress I know, I eagerly shared with her my great ambition. Part way through my pillow spiel she enlightened me to the fact that my pillow project falls under the already established category of ‘re-purposing.’

So perhaps my idea then is not so novel, but I’m excited about the transformation nonetheless. I’m hoping to get a few tips from Sacha to see me through the tricky aspects of pillow making, though I may need tips about the entire process!

So here are the raw ingredients for Project Repurposed Pillow

1 x Mango dress (damaged on account of oil?/petrol? Thai?)

1 x Pillow inner

1 x Sewing machine

A method?…not yet, but check back in a couple  of weeks to see the finished product. ♥

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