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i ♥ Tango’s vintage boots!

August 1, 2012



A pair of vintage Escada boots in Tango has taken my fancy in recent weeks. I’ve been twice to visit the glorious pair of purple heels that sit nonchalantly in the vintage store on High Street. Being knee-high and purple, the shoes screamed out to me on my first encounter. I had instant visions of wearing knee-length flowing dresses that might swish delicately against the plum-toned leather; perhaps I’d be navigating a winters’ evening – meandering over cobble-stoned streets lit softly by streetlamps, but, on seeing the $350 price tag, those illusions set themselves firmly in fantasy.

On my most recent visit I greeted the shoes again. I took a keepsake snapshot this time and became more acquainted with the boots’ surroundings.The store is a curious person’s wonderland! Floor to ceiling, the store is heaving with designer hats, coats, dresses, bags and shoes. What’s so alluring is that as many items as there are in the store, one knows for certain there must be hundreds of stories more! Where might this Prada coat have come from? Did a Venetian lady perhaps once treasure this purse?

Tango is much more than a vintage store (although it is a very good one at that!), it has a tangible sense of nostalgia and is a wondrous portal to the past. And of course it’s home to a gorgeous pair of purple boots. ♥

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