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Project Pillow…Part Two

August 11, 2012



The transformation of my pre-loved (but sadly stained!) Mango dress to its new form <Designer-esque Repurposed Pillow> proved not be the simplest Saturday afternoon task.

Pillows have four sides – so surely making a pillow involves nothing more than sewing four straight seams? Or so I thought. In most cases that’s probably true, but with my great ambition for this pillow to retain the zip feature of the dress, the dress pocket, the pleats, and to showcase more of the red print, the simple pillow project quickly became Not So Simple!

Fortunately for me, Sacha’s sewing ability well surpasses mine. She was quickly able to decipher the dimensions of the dress, re-pin seams here and there and measure up the necessary sections of the pillow-to-be. After a few hours of music, chatting, lunch, and of course some sewing, the old dress re-emerged as a new stylish pillow…much to my delight!

The success of my dress-turned-pillow now has me imagining all the other bits of fabric I can ‘repurpose’ into bags, book covers, pillows and purses… Isn’t it great how there is so much one can do with an old wardrobe? ♥



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