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Face Me Makeup Trial ♥

August 20, 2012

Last week Sophie (from Fluro Grey) and I got to preview a new makeup range which is set to launch in New Zealand in a couple of months. For about two hours, over Tim-tams and marshmallows, we tested out foundations, eye-shadows, lipsticks and powders from the FACE ME range-to-be.

Participating in the makeup focus group was heaps of fun, especially as I got to be the model!

It’s funny being the exhibit in a makeup session; with the other women oohing every so often I was curious and a little apprehensive about the goings on. In Elisabeth’s experienced hands though I need not have worried. Elisabeth being the founder of FACE ME – the makeup artistry company that’s soon to sport it’s own label.

I thought I knew a thing or two about makeup, but Elisabeth opened my eyes, quite literally. I did not know for example, that brow makeup extended beyond the brow pencil; and I don’t even use one of those!

I was amazed to learn that there is brow powder, brow wax and even a brow brush. When I finally saw my transformation, and my dramatically defined eyes, I was rather impressed by what a little brow powder can do.

I also was in the dark about the need for illuminator, three shades of concealer, face primer, and eye primer; but, by the end of the session, and with the evidence on my face, it was starting to make sense. Primers set the makeup in place and work to ensure it lasts much longer. Different shades of concealer are necessary to accentuate and elongate parts of the face; for example, to narrow the nose. Illuminator gives light and glow in just the right places.

I loved the makeup, but my favourite product of the day had to be the eyelash tip curler – a mini curler that’s used in addition to an eyelash curler and curls just the ends of the lashes. So cute ♥

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