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About MNW

Welcome to the My Next Wardrobe blog!

A little about the blog

This blog is about anything and everything to do with recycled fashion. New, old, borrowed, bought….it doesn’t matter, if it looks good it’ll get hooked up here.

♥ You’ll find loads of ideas of what to do with your old wardrobe. Anything good, you can of course sell. Selling clothes can be a bit of a mindfield and I’ve tried it all; markets, online auctions, consignment shops and even swapping clothes at swap events.  I’ll share with you the good, the bad and the ugly truths.

♥ Many clothes succumb to burns, stains and rips, so can’t be sold, and are banished to the nether realms of the closet. But there are so many ways to salvage these items. You can mend them or completely transform them into some crafty creation. (Watch me turn a dress into a pillow!)

♥ Creative shopping…If you have an eye for style and an ear for a bargain, no retail avenue should ever be off limits. Your next best fashion find could well be fronting a shop window on the high street, or dressing a mannequin in a designer boutique; but you might also find it tucked into a basket at an op shop, draped over a table at a weekend market, or, it may even be hanging in your friend’s closet.

♥ Follow the blog and join me as I hunt down fashion finds wherever they are hiding.

A little about the shop…

You’ll find links on the blog to, my online shop, where you’ll find  both new and pre-loved clothing and accessories. Items are priced from $20 up to $300, and there is a range of different brands and designers.

Have a look. ♥

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