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♥ MNW on Polyvore

August 7, 2012

♥ MNW on Polyvore.


♥ MNW on Polyvore

August 7, 2012

Source: via My Next on Pinterest

Fluro Grey Tea Party

August 6, 2012

Fluro Grey Tea Party.

Fluro Grey Tea Party

August 6, 2012

Sunday afternoon decadence courtesy of Fluro Grey @ Studio 67 – yum!

Scones with cream and jam, biscuits, tea and wine, delightful conversation – including a smattering of Plato – and pretty dresses; what more could you ask for at a tea party?

Sophie’s assortment of teapots – particularly a red elephant-shaped one and a black Japanese-style one that had cherry blossoms creeping round its base – lent a Miss Havisham-esque ambiance to our afternoon affair. How nice is it to picnic?

Our feast was spread out over colourful patch quilts, but, so focused on the food was I, I took photos of nothing else.

Watch out for the Fluro Grey pics which captured a lot more! ♥


i ♥ Tango’s vintage boots!

August 1, 2012



A pair of vintage Escada boots in Tango has taken my fancy in recent weeks. I’ve been twice to visit the glorious pair of purple heels that sit nonchalantly in the vintage store on High Street. Being knee-high and purple, the shoes screamed out to me on my first encounter. I had instant visions of wearing knee-length flowing dresses that might swish delicately against the plum-toned leather; perhaps I’d be navigating a winters’ evening – meandering over cobble-stoned streets lit softly by streetlamps, but, on seeing the $350 price tag, those illusions set themselves firmly in fantasy.

On my most recent visit I greeted the shoes again. I took a keepsake snapshot this time and became more acquainted with the boots’ surroundings.The store is a curious person’s wonderland! Floor to ceiling, the store is heaving with designer hats, coats, dresses, bags and shoes. What’s so alluring is that as many items as there are in the store, one knows for certain there must be hundreds of stories more! Where might this Prada coat have come from? Did a Venetian lady perhaps once treasure this purse?

Tango is much more than a vintage store (although it is a very good one at that!), it has a tangible sense of nostalgia and is a wondrous portal to the past. And of course it’s home to a gorgeous pair of purple boots. ♥

Something repurposed…

July 26, 2012

Whatever malfunctioning attire I have in my wardrobe I designate to one sad and sorry drawer in the lower realms of the cupboard.  The unfortunate belts, bags, dresses and tops that end up here have all met some catastrophic end. The drawer tells of burns from hot irons, hair-dye stains, colour-runs from the wash and, most unusual of all, is the bizarre but true tale of a hotel dishwasher catching hold of a Wayne Cooper maxi dress and ripping the delicate fabric  right down the middle!

Although damaged beyond repair, I’ve found myself reluctant to throw these items away. Each has some redeeming feature that continually saves it from the bin; a bold print, a surprising texture, a striking zip, clasp or button…and – so poignant can a simple pattern be – I shall probably never throw any away!

The sad drawer, and its sorry garments have long been the subject of many imagined sewing projects. Now these wayward threads of thought are ready to materialize as I’ve decided to re-work them all into recycled pillows!

My friend Sacha makes all sorts of crafty things and, considering her to be the best seamstress I know, I eagerly shared with her my great ambition. Part way through my pillow spiel she enlightened me to the fact that my pillow project falls under the already established category of ‘re-purposing.’

So perhaps my idea then is not so novel, but I’m excited about the transformation nonetheless. I’m hoping to get a few tips from Sacha to see me through the tricky aspects of pillow making, though I may need tips about the entire process!

So here are the raw ingredients for Project Repurposed Pillow

1 x Mango dress (damaged on account of oil?/petrol? Thai?)

1 x Pillow inner

1 x Sewing machine

A method?…not yet, but check back in a couple  of weeks to see the finished product. ♥

Wardrobe Sneak Peek…Lynda

July 24, 2012

My friend Lynda and I worked together at Emirates for a short time, so raiding her closest this evening seemed to fashion in us both a little wander down memory lane. She pulled out her best sale buy – Marc Jacob heels from Sax Dubai, and we couldn’t help but reminisce about the glory days of the Dubai Shopping Festival when the prices were low and the bargains plentiful!

As Lynda produced more items from her wardrobe she relayed to me the details of each acquisition. I began to see a common thread linking these stories: reward purchasing. Her first pay check in Dubai produced a Matthew Williamson bracklet; and two and a half years of study back in New Zealand called for a Passionata necklace. I agree!

So…is she parting with any of these wonders in her wardrobe? Yes, a too-cute River Island dress which, unless I get to it first, will soon be in the store. ♥